Wednesday, February 7, 2018

3mm Pico Modern Armor on the paint desk

This is my second wave of Pico 3mm Moderns.  Adding Marine vehicles and a variety of Soviet equipment in Arab service.   My third wave is going to be lots of  T-55's and T-62's and some of the first American vehicles used by the Israelis.  I've dug into "Sands of War" and "Arab Israeli Wars" and a 500 page RAND Corp. PDF on the Gulf War to try and gather more information on TOEs.  It's really hard to nail down some of the exact formations but there's enough info to put together some generic brigades etc.

More Abrams and some Arab Village pieces.  Pico does a really nice TUSK version.

Camo on the T-72's.  Egyptians maybe?
Marine AAV's


Variety of Soviet stuff.  120mm mortar crews with trucks in there too. 

Ready for flocking.  A couple M113's on the left.


Crazy detail on the M2A2 Bradleys.  

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