Monday, August 16, 2021

3mm Battle of Quatre Bras - replay

It took a bit to get back to the action, but I reset my playtest and engaged my friend Mark to see how the latest modifications to the rules played out.  The action quickly focused on the areas of the Gemioncourt and Pierrepont farms as the French advanced onto the field in force.  We played with command pips as the number of units engaged grew.

The French left is held up by stubborn Allied resistance.  Gemioncourt  is already being hit hard with Artillery and determined French infantry assaults and won't last long without reinforcements.

The allied right begins its withdraw into the Bossu wood and the French choose to pursue. 

Gemioncourt falls and the French press their advantage toward the crossroads. French artillery has played a big role in keeping pressure on the allies as it did during the original battle.

The first British units to arrive on the field have advanced just beyond the crossroads with the hope of aiding the defense of Gemioncourt but French cavalry ranging wide to their right have forced them to form square and defend in place aided by some Dutch Belgian cavalry

Significant British and Hanoverian troops begin to approach the battlefield and the French cavalry are unable to break the British squares. 

This is where we halted as it was going to be a long time before the bulk of the French met the bulk of the Allies.  The tide was beginning to turn toward the allies as they were massing troops pretty quickly at this point.  The Brunswick contingent had not yet made it's appearance but can be seen in the lower left board edge. 

All and all a great game.  I'm sure I'll be repeating this every June now.  I did discover I'd forgotten to paint up the necessary British command stands including Wellington himself, but I'm working on those.  I also have a few new tweaks and decisions to make to the rules.  Trying to keep them to a one page QRS.  

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